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Emergency Money
101 Ways to Raise Emergency Money

Price: $ 7.00

 If your finances are tight, the first thing you want to do might be to start borrowing money. Either from friends or family, a 401k  or IRA and so forth.

 And sometimes this is the only solution. But often times it just prolongs the situation!

 This guide will teach you 21 ways to keep as close to your present lifestyle as possible and still start collecting extra dollars every time you turn around (Just see pages 15-16). You'll find out the many things you can do, to find extra cash starting today: Like turning hobbies into income (Page 6), or turning items from around  the house into dollar bills in your hand.

 This 50-page report gives "101 ways to start compiling cash" that anyone can use. Many people pay financial planners as much as $150 per hour to help them find ways to save money - and it's often worth it to do so!

 But with this timely report, you don't have to do so. You can start compiling emergency cash today for just $7.00





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